Awake at 6 am… Again!?

September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well, it’s almost 6 am and I can’t sleep… 3rd time this week I’ve stayed up all night. Wish I could figure out how to shut my brain up – especially since the stuff going though my head isn’t worth worrying about. But let’s see… our air conditioning keeps freezing up (but that’s my parents’ problem) because there’s a freon leak somewhere in the system, and ideas keep popping into my head for that website I started “building” last time I posted (which I will probably be changing the name of soon).

Also decided I’d do another blog – this one consisting of what I originally intended my website to be (still playing around with what that’s going to be). This one is on Blogger, however, because I actually care about the look of it. Sure, it’s going to look a bit like most music-sharing blogs – containing an album per post – but I don’t plan on sharing anything like they all do. Anyone who comes to it looking to download and then complains because there are no download links can kiss my non-existent ass.

Let’s see, what else has been going on that I can share with you…? Oh! A friend of mine I haven’t seen in quite some time signed into AIM a few days ago. Been talking to her since my Diablo II days, but she’s been gone for over a year (maybe 2?). She hasn’t changed much, but I wouldn’t have expected her to – always has something entertaining to talk about (mostly relating to video games). We’ve been talking all this time and she finally sent me a picture of herself this afternoon and I have to admit, she’s a lot cuter than I expected. She kind of hurt my feelings tonight though, which is probably the main reason I’m still awake at this hour. We were talking about maybe playing D2 again and in the middle of our conversation, she says she’s bored and makes plans to go out with some friends. I wont go into too much detail, but I really enjoy talking to her and she just blows me off to go get drunk with people she can hang out with anytime? Oh well… not like there’s a lot I can do from here when she lives in Delaware…

Another one of the girls I talk to (this one from California) and her family are supposedly coming to Florida in a few months. After asking where they’re going, I of course, suggested we meet sometime they’re here. Don’t remember how long she said they were planning on staying, but it seems a bit funny that they’re coming from Cali to stay on the beach.


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