I’m Baaacck…

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wow… I’ve been away for a while. First of all, that concert I wrote about last post was amazing – Overkill puts on one hell of a show. Met most of the band after the show too… and got everyone’s autograph on their set-list (courtesy of the drum tech as he was putting away the bass). Missing Dave Linsk’s because he wouldn’t come back out of the bus, but I wasn’t really looking to even get anyone else to sign anything. Guess I’ll go in reverse order from here (if I remember it correctly). Forbidden, I was sort of looking forward to since I knew they had been on hiatus for a while, but I hadn’t really heard much of their stuff prior to the concert. You could tell they hadn’t toured in a while, but they were great, nonetheless. I met their drummer after the show too. He asked if I had any of their albums. I told him I did, but didn’t own them… yet – but I planned on buying most of what I download (which is, honestly, what I plan on doing, eventually). Of course, he wasn’t too happy about that, but he wasn’t a dick about it like some people I know – just told me the next time he saw me, I better have at least one Forbidden album. Evile was way better than I expected live. I was hanging around some older guys (probably mid-40s) who were mainly just there to see Overkill – they kept complimenting Evile’s guitarists. Gamma Bomb seemed to be a surprise to a lot of the audience – every time the singer would hit one of his high notes, people would look up with an amazed look on their face. I kind of expected more of Bonded By Blood – being named after an Exodus album, I’d think better. One thing I have to say about them is the singer does sound a lot like the albums in a live setting. That’s about it for the concert. I got trashed near the end (only drank during Overkill) and ended up having to wait there before I could drive home – which is actually the only reason I had the change to meet the bands. Gotta love small venues… every concert I’ve gone to at Firestone has led to me meeting bands.

I’ve also really gotten into making that website I mentioned early on in my blogging. It’s really taking off (considering all the other things I’ve been busy with). So far, I have one artist finished (Overkill) and am currently working on another (Immortal) – the two artists that helped inspire it’s name. Still trying to figure out how to do .php, since it seems a search system would be easier. We’ll see.

Blog has been a bit slow because I’ve been putting most of my focus into playing video games and the site. I’ve decided I might upload all of my bootlegs and add the links to the blog since, as I see it, they’re not official releases, so the bands wouldn’t see any revenue from them anyway. There’s a poll on the main page if anyone wants to have a say in that (yes, I will actually listen to what readers of the blog say). Hopefully, more than the two people who have already voted will speak up…

Since I mentioned video games, I might as well say that I bought myself a few for xmas. Assassin’s Creed, Fable II, and Halo: Reach – even though I still have a few I have yet to finish. I had high hopes for Assassin’s Creed, but it seems there’s more hype about it than there should be… but I hear the first one is the worst of the series. Sure hope that’s true. It seems, since I got an HD tv, my dad’s wanted to play video games (at least for a few weeks). We played Halo 3: ODST until I got Reach, then we played that til we finished – he hasn’t wanted to play anything since. Fable has been taking up most of my (and my sister’s) time lately. Whenever I play a game where your actions can change situations, I have to play as both good and evil characters (evil first, of course). As I said, there are games I still haven’t finished. I can’t believe I haven’t finished the solo campaign in ODST, but I’m almost there – maybe I’ll finish that tomorrow? I’m still in the middle of Final Fantasy XIII too. Just as I was really getting into it and figuring out how to do everything, my last tv took a dump on me. Then I didn’t have one til my parents finally gave in and got me the 40″ that currently sits atop my entertainment center (and I had to wait several months for that – finally got it xmas day).

Don’t think there’s much else to say to catch everyone up. Everything else has been pretty normal – and I’ve actually been fairly happy with the way things have been going lately. Let’s hope this goes on for a while longer.


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