Fuck Viruses/Malware… Hard

January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ugh! Just spent a good 2 hours trying to fix my sister’s computer – 40 minutes trying to find a solution for it (on a different computer), 20 minutes executing said solution (and it not working), another 30 minutes looking for another then giving up and using a restore point from earlier this month/year. The rest of that time was spent doing virus/malware scans just to make sure it’s gone (and I’m still not entirely sure of that).

Oh, and this virus/malware (Antivirus .NET) poses as an anti-virus program which says you have multiple infections that only it can fix (seems to be a common thing in the virus world these days, eh?). I wonder how many people fall for it and actually send their credit card information to these companies (and they still probably have to take their computers in to get serviced because the program doesn’t fix anything). This program also keeps you from opening any other programs and seemed to be turning some off as well.

Why do these things have to be such a pain in the ass these days? If I remember correctly, early viruses were just stupid little annoyances (like downloading pictures/videos and playing them over and over again) and were fairly easy to get rid of. Now we have to have anti-virus and anti-malware programs that are rarely kept up-to-date. Why are people so bent on destroying peoples’ operating systems? Why does someone think they’re soo cool because they made a computer virus? The only “cool” virus, in my opinion would be one that eats other viruses… and melts the peoples’ brains who made the original, pita viruses. Make it gruesome too…


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