Metal Hammer September 2007 – Spanish Inquisition

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Your music is really aggressive and heavy. Are you that brutal in real life?

-Jack, email
Randy Blythe: “Yes!”
John Campbell: “Well you know what? Real life is brutal. Watch March Of The Penguins. It’s a documentary about the brutal life of these penguins and what they go through to reproduce.”
Randy: “We base our music off of that. Off the penguin’s lives.”
Hammer: “So you’re like… penguins.”
John: “Yeah! It’s basically just a beautiful story of brutality. I admire the penguins.”
Hammer: “So did you watch that on tour?”
Chris Adler: “Yeah we just throw it on whenever it’s time to get brutal.”
Randy: “Or we just do stuff like that awesome photoshoot we just did. Your photographer didn’t tell us the battery we were posing with was live!”
Chris: “Randy went to touch the jumper cables connected to the battery together and he was like ‘you might not want to do that!’ It’s like ‘are you fucking kidding me? This thing is live?'”
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