Metal Hammer September 2007 – Spanish Inquisition

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Your music is really aggressive and heavy. Are you that brutal in real life?

-Jack, email
Randy Blythe: “Yes!”
John Campbell: “Well you know what? Real life is brutal. Watch March Of The Penguins. It’s a documentary about the brutal life of these penguins and what they go through to reproduce.”
Randy: “We base our music off of that. Off the penguin’s lives.”
Hammer: “So you’re like… penguins.”
John: “Yeah! It’s basically just a beautiful story of brutality. I admire the penguins.”
Hammer: “So did you watch that on tour?”
Chris Adler: “Yeah we just throw it on whenever it’s time to get brutal.”
Randy: “Or we just do stuff like that awesome photoshoot we just did. Your photographer didn’t tell us the battery we were posing with was live!”
Chris: “Randy went to touch the jumper cables connected to the battery together and he was like ‘you might not want to do that!’ It’s like ‘are you fucking kidding me? This thing is live?'”

Who got you into metal?

-Snugglewhore, web
Chris: “For me it was Megadeth’s ‘Peace Sells…’ I was into a lot of punk rock but that was the band that turned me onto all the technical stuff.”
John: “Apollo Creed’s theme from Rocky II
Randy: “It was really Lee Dorrian that inspired me back when he was in Napalm. ‘Scum’ was the record that did it actually. It’s great stuff.”
John: “Some Suicidal Tendencies early on but Metallica was the first real metal band that I heard that I liked. It was amazing. It was all about ‘…And Justice For All.'”

Who did you get along with on the unholy alliance tour?

-Luke, email
Chris: “Mastodon.”
John: “We got along with everyone. It was a family affair. It was awesome. Everybody knew each other to begin with and we’re all of like minds, so…”
Hammer: “Most family members tend to have pet names for each other.”
John: “Yeah, well that’s true! We did. We had pet names for everybody!”
Hammer: “What was Kerry King’s?”
Chris: “Curly.”

So why did you change your name from burn the priest to…

-name withheld, email
John: “Awww…!”
Randy: “Can we send out like an execution email so if they ask that question the computer screen like explodes in their face?”
Hammer: “That can be arranged.”
John: “If they want to know and they can send an email then they can get online and find out the answer to that goddamn question. We’ve answered it since 2000 when we changed the fucking name!”
Hammer: “How many times would you estimate you’ve been asked that question?”
John: “That’s the one question that as a band we dread hearing again.”
Hammer: “What are your top three?”
Mark Morton: “What was it like touring with Slayer, what was it like touring with Slipknot…”
Chris: “And then there’s lots of, ‘why was your new album not as good as your last album…'”
Hammer: “Who would play in your dream festival line-up?”
John: “Well OK, actually Slayer, Bad Brains…”
Randy: “Overkill…”

You’ve been compared to pantera quite a bit. Are you taking over their place in metal?

-Umpalumpa, web
Randy: ” The whole thing is dude, that they keep on saying ‘oh you’re taking over the throne, you’re taking over the mantle.’ I’ve never seen Dime or Vinnie or Phil or anyone running around with a crown or anything saying ‘I’m the king of metal. It just is what it is.”
Chris: “I think to share that company in fans’ minds is super flattering to us. It’s not for us to say tha we’re going to take over anything. People are saying that about us, and that’s awesome, but it’s not for us to decide. So that that’s happening for people who are listening to heavy music then we’ll just keep on cranking out the kick-ass tunes.”

Where did the idea for the ‘redneck’ video [in which lamb of god are hired to play at a birthday party] come from, and would you destroy my sister’s birthday party?

-Dweezil, web
Mark: “If she was hot, yes I would.”
Chris: “I came up with the idea a while ago. It was for a different song we did called ‘Ruin’ off the ‘As Palaces Burn’ record. But at the time we were still up and coming and the decision was made to make a more serious video, and that’s one of my favorite videos so it was never anything I was bummed about. It was used in the ‘Ruin’ video, the irony of who you’re playing to when you’re in the wrong place. It was the same idea, we just took it to this comedic video. There are so many metal videos where bands are playing in a warehouse looking really tough. How many times are we going to see that? We just wanted to use it to show another side to who we are as people.”
Hammer: “What other sorts of metal clichés do Lamb Of God try to avoid?”
Randy: “Spandex.”
John: “Long Hair.”
Chris: “Tattoos…!”

How many members of lamb of god own pick-up trucks like all southerners do?

-Blinky, web
Chris: “Um. Mark does…”
Hammer: “Will the South rise again?”
Chris: “Well it has lately! We’re southern, in the sense that Richmond was the capitol of the South…”
John: “It’s 100 miles South of Washington DC. I live in the South, I was born in the South. It means all kinds of different shit to different people. I think there are generalizations but Northerners are typically a lot more uptight, loud, and brash, but they’re all just stereotypes. You really just need to get down there and meet some and find out.”

Who would win in a fight between terminator and robocop?

-Conan The Centenarian, email
Mark: [sounding as if he’s just been asked what color the sky is] “Robocop”
Randy: “Nooo… waaay… Terminatorrr dude! Terminator!
Chris: “Robocop. He’s already dead. Wait, wait hold on a minute. Which Terminator are we talking about?”
Hammer: “The 800 Series Model T-101 as it was originally depicted in director James Cameron’s 1984 magnum opus.”
John: “OK but the Terminator was never actually alive. He’ll always be back. And he has a time machine anyway so it’s actually like an infinite loop…”
Hammer: “Who would win in a fight between James Hetfield and Joey DeMaio?”
Chris: “I’d have to go with Joey DeMaio actually, because after watching that Metallica movie it’s pretty obvious James Hetfield isn’t going to throw a punch.”

I saw you guys play not long ago, and randy said that the size of the crowd made him think that metal was back. What made you think that?

-Kate, email
John: “He always says some bullshit, he just needs to say something…”
John: [shaking his head] “I really have no idea what goes through his head when he gets up to say something like that.”
Randy: “What do you want me to say, ‘this crowd makes me thing metal sucks’? Of course not, but it’s true that the crowds have gotten a lot bigger lately, especially in the States but it’s pretty huge everywhere.”
John: “When you go out to perform to thousands of screaming people just going nuts, that’s a force to be reckoned with. Coming to shows and being like that is not something they just went out and  did on a whim.”

You guys were at the Grammy awards. Doesn’t that make you sellouts?

-Russel, email
Chris: “You know that’s quite a weird question. I’ve never thought about it that way at all. Yes, we happened to write songs that charted, but it’s not like we’re not sitting around thinking about how to get songs on the charts. It’s people that are into us who put us there. There was a wane of interest in metal in the US, and that’s obviously come back. We didn’t change anything about what we’re doing, but if we put ‘Sacrament’ out 10 years ago it would have sold a thousand copies. It’s not that we’re any prettier or better at what we do, it’s just more people are out there who are going to like us now.”

Who’s the most consistent breaker of tour bus etiquette?

-Dweezil, email
Chris: “Well, speaking of which…”
Randy: “Yeah, speaking of which…”
John: “Funny you should mention that! You did what you had to do man.”
Hammer: “Someone broke the ‘No Solids’ rule?”
Chris: “OK, fine. I’m sorry. I took a shit in a bag. The driver wouldn’t stop! I had absolutely no choice.”
Hammer: “What sort of entertainment do you keep on the bus?
John: “Pretty much everything with Sean Connery in it.”
Randy: “We forgot to bring movies!”

Metal Hammer recently interviewed municipal waste from Richmond, where you’re from. Their singer Tony Foresta said he sees Randy going by on longboards. Is that true?

Randy: “That’s totally true. We’ve known those guys from before they were a band.”
Chris: “I can’t even remember how long they’ve been around. A really long time.”
Randy: “I knew them from before they were a band too…!”
Chris: “It’s a really, really small town.”
John: “It’s the same with GWAR. We see them around too.”
Chris: “Someone from GWAR painted my house actually.”
Hammer: “GWAR fixed your ceiling…”
Chris: “The roof at my house was leaking and we called someone down and it turned out that he was one of the guys from GWAR, simple as that!”
Hammer: “How would you rate his spackling abilities?”
Chris: “His spackling ability was top notch now that I think about it.”

Source: Metal Hammer, issue 170, pg. 62

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