Metal Hammer October 2007 – Spanish Inquisition

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Do you hate internet users? Sometimes it sounds like you do.

-Ben, myspace
Anders Fridén: “What have I said? What have I done now? I don’t know what I’m supposed to have done but… So, no.”
Björn Gelotte: “I think all bands have some trouble with this. If you go on to a site like Blabbermouth you can see it happens to any band and everyone will be like, ‘Fuck this! Fuck that! Fuck the other!” I don’t know why they do it but it’s so easy to be that aggressive when you’re hiding behind a computer and you don’t have to show your face or reveal your name.”
Anders: “If a 13-year-old wants to slag us off I don’t really care. It’s good you know. I’d sooner have someone talking shit about us than not talking about us at all. I think it’s good. We look at some of these boards and we have a really good laugh about it. There are people who think they know us and think they know how we should live out lives.”
Björn: “We’ve really benefited from the internet. We’ve not done MySpace yet, but we will. We were one of the first ever bands to have a web page. Our address was about six foot long. We put it on our T-shirts but we made a mistake so people couldn’t find it. But it’s a great way of communicating with fans.”

Is Jesper leaving the band? Are you close to splitting up?

-Clive, email
Anders: “Does he know something we don’t? Ask him on your way out. Where do these persistent rumors come from? It’s just more rubbish from the internet.”

How much money would it take for you to smash a panda in the face with a brick if you would totally get away with it?

-Miss Ruby, myspace
Björn: “Smash a panda in the face with a brick? There’s no way I could do that man. It’s too weird. No. Never.”
Hammer: “What about for $5 million?
Björn: “Oh yeah! I’d do it for that! I’d do it for $1 million.”
Daniel Svensson: “I don’t think I could do it.”
Anders: “What if it was some asshole panda. Imagine a really annoying panda. [puts on whining panda voice] “‘Oh, I’m a panda, blah blah blah.”
Daniel: “OK, I could do it then.”
Hammer: “The think is they’re going to die out soon anyway. They don’t have sex and all they do is eat bamboo.”
Björn: “Pandas don’t like having sex? What is fucking wrong with them? Are you sexually attracted to pandas Metal Hammer? Is that your thing?” [Where the hell did that come from? -Ed]

What is the most incorrect thing you’ve ever read about yourselves?

-Emma, hull
Daniel: “Weird weird things that I can’t go into but about a year ago we started getting emails about our children. They weren’t threats exactly but they were comments about our newborn babies. This was after the last album and we were also accused of being sell-outs for having children.”
Anders: “We have been accused of being sell-outs from day one, so there’s nothing new there.”
Björn: “The most incorrect thing is the people who say we’re breaking up.”
Anders: “We’re not breaking up, we’re recording a new album. We’ve got a lot of new material ready. I can’t tell you what it sounds like because I’d have to kill you. We have demos recorded, it’s definitely In Flames. It’s heavy and hard. We are going to start recording it at home in Gothenburg in our own studio which is a great relief and the album should be ready to come out next April. We have got some big names in consideration for producer but I don’t want to say as there is nothing on paper yet.”

What is the most outrageous lie you’ve ever told to a journalist?

-Carl, myspace
Björn: “That I wouldn’t in any way smash a panda in the face with a brick.”
Daniel: “We never lie.”

Have you ever eaten a sock?

-Xyanide Hepple, kettering
Anders: “What? Why would I eat a sock? Stupid question.”
Hammer: “OK, what is the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten when you’ve been on tour?”
Anders: “The first time in Japan I went to the aquarium and pointed to a fish and the chef took it out of the water in a net and took it out to the kitchen and chopped it all along one side. The guy brought it out on a plate and poured some Saki in it’s mouth and it started gulping. It was alive when I ate it.”
Björn: “He ate throbbing sushi. It was super fresh… We played in Germany once very close to the Polish border and the only food they had was raw beef. The kitchen was right next to the pisser. The whole place stank of piss and raw beef. People were pissing while they were eating raw meat.”

For the love of god, will you please put more of your old songs in your set lists? Not playing ‘Artifacts Of The Black Rain’ or ‘Jotun’ is the equivalent of Metallica not playing ‘Creeping Death’ or ‘Master Of Puppets.’

-Whiplash, myspace
Björn: “First of all thank you for the question but we can’t play too much early stuff as it just doesn’t get a reaction live. We try to occasionally but it doesn’t go down well.”
Anders: “When you play a festival you only have a limited set time so we tend to play songs that people know because it’s more fun. When we do headline sets we tend to put more older material on the set list. But it gets harder the more albums we have out. I don’t want to become one of those bands who hates their new album, we like our new album.”

What record in your collection would your fans be most surprised that you have?

-John, myspace
Anders: “‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?’ by Culture Club. Was I influenced by Boy George? Not really. I didn’t like him like that but I’m not embarrassed at all about owning that album either.”
Daniel: “TLC ‘Fanmail'”
Björn: “I’ve actually got a Ricky Martin album.”
Anders and Daniel: “Ha ha ha! No! You’re fired!”
Anders: “There is no excuse for this. You must have been in your late 20s when you bought that.”
Björn: “Yep. I don’t know what I was thinking. I haven’t played it since I bought it.”

Whether on tour or off tour what is the closest that any of you have come to dying?

-Mongfetishista, epping
Anders: “I was super drunk in Austria, years ago, and I nearly jumped off a cliff. I wasn’t depressed, just very drunk. I was super crazy. I was in a club and I got so drunk I forgot who I was. I was so drunk I thought I was Tango out of Tango And Cash and I just thought I’d jump off a cliff. Luckily my friend stopped me. It was fucked up. I think I may have had something put in my drink because I was hallucinating. Either that or it was all the tequila I’d just drunk.”
Björn: “I got electrocuted on stage once.”
Daniel: “I’ve been lucky. I just have a few flopping wounds where I have flopped over drunk, but nothing lethal.”

If you were a girl would you wipe front to back or back to front?

-Nesbitt, myspace
Anders and Björn: “Front to back of course.”
Daniel: “I would experiment with going from side to side.”

If you could join another band with the intention of murdering all of the other memebers, which one would it be?

-James Winnard, myspace
Anders: “I just don’t dislike a band that much. Not even Ricky Martin’s backing band.”
Björn: “I’m not going to kill Ricky Martin, I’m making him money by buying his records.”
Daniel: “We don’t get approached by other bands to join them. Especially not to kill them.”
Anders: “Although I’d like to play with Alice In Chains and Depeche Mode.”

Have you all seen all of the other band members’ dicks?

-Little Ryan, myspace
Anders: “Of course.”
Björn: “Yes.”
Anders: “You are talking about tour buses and you are talking about Swedes. Of course we have all seen each others’ penises. Dumb question.”
Hammer: “Who has the most lead in his pencil?”
Anders: “Why would I have lead in my pants? Oh I see. We don’t have any donkeys in the band just Wee Willie Winkies.”
Björn: “We don’t have any swinging penises but we do have plenty of swinging sex though.”

Who was your favorite band to share a bus with?

-Steev, skinlab
Anders: “Whoa!”
Björn: “Is it really Steev from Skinlab? If it is then Skinlab of course! We totally got off on the wrong foot with those guys. They’re really fun guys. But we invented the no smoking on the bus rule so they invented the no drinking on the bus rule and that’s how it started. We;d put up a sign saying no smoking and they put up one saying no drinking and Steev is a bug guy and said to us, ‘So I can’t smoke?’ and we just said, ‘Er, yeah, you can do whatever you like.’ That was a good tour. Oh shit though! Their guitar player almost died on that tour. He fell out of a tree and went head first through a wooden fence. He could have been impaled through the neck and head. It was insane.”

If you were to make your own music festival who would be the main bands playing at it?

-Nat, myspace
Björn: “Naturally I’d have Dio. It would be Dio with Black Sabbath or solo because obviously Rainbow are never going to reform with their classic line up. But Ideally I’d have Rainbow play it.”
Daniel: “Muse. I’d love to see those guys live.”
Anders: “I’d have loved to seen Kyuss when they were going. I would like to also have seen Led Zeppelin back in the day.”

Who is the heaviest drinker in the band?

-Ned, myspace
Anders: “Heavy? Heavy like Meatloaf?”
Björn: “It has to be Anders man. He’s the one jumping off cliffs and shit. We do drink. We get drunk and pass out. Maybe hit a panda in the face with a brick. You drink to get by. You drink because you’re bored. Actually we drink when we’re recording as well. And when we’re writing.”
Anders: “So we’re pretty much drinking all the time.”

Source: Metal Hammer, issue 171, pg. 88

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