Site Overhaul

June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, that website (Frozen to the Core) I’ve mentioned in previous posts is getting overhauled… slowly. I’ve decided to use a framework (CodeIgniter) to make a new version. The site is also going to be changing a bit – content, name, color scheme, etc. and there will be a user system where members will be able to input updated/new content.

As I said, there will be a change in content – but only slightly. Rather than having information about all metal bands, I’ve decided I’m going to only do glam metal/rock. I’ve been talking to one of the creators of Encyclopaedia Metallum and thought it would be somewhat rude to be asking him questions about how he did certain things for their website and then go and use the same information on my own page. The name will, obviously, have to change, as “Frozen to the Core” doesn’t really fit the whole “glam” feel, right? I have yet to decide on a name yet, but I will likely also be purchasing a domain and putting this on a real server (though it will probably be on awardspace for a while with a donations page til we can afford to do so). Then, of course, there will also have to be a change in the color scheme used for the site – I’d love to hear some ideas for that if anyone gets around to reading this.

All this being said, I haven’t actually started coding the new site. I am still using this as a way to learn php and still in the process of going through some CI tutorials. Hopefully, we will see some results before the end of the year? I’ve sort of been playing around with writing a news page for it, but I’m also toying with the idea of just throwing WordPress in as the backend for it (but I REALLY don’t want to – I’d like this whole website to be my own coding). A forum, however, may end up being too much work – but I’m still going to try. I have a few forum systems I’m going to try to base it off of too (phpBB, SMF, and FluxBB/PunBB, and one already written with CI but still being written, Dove Forums).


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