Metal Hammer November 2007 – Spanish Inquisition

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How did you guys get involved in metal and the whole battle theme?

-Maurice, email
Warlord Nygård: “I don’t know about metal, but I think a lot of us go back to Queen for rock, because of all the big theatrics. So I think that was our way into heavier music and metal. I think ‘Innuendo’ was the first Queen album I heard. As for the war theme, what we started out with was more based on folklore and then we blended in more epic things into that. Even on our first demo we had this track which translates as ‘The Battle Path.’ that was a concept song about the 30 Years War in the 17th Century, and I was reading about that period of time in historical novels. The Finnish cavalry had an important role in that. Of course now we’re dealing with themes that are rather older than the 17th Century. We had a demo song called ‘The Heart If Turisas’ which we wanted to remake for the debut, and obviously the song now goes, ‘Battle! Battle! Metal!’ and then somebody shouted, ‘Battle Metal!’ and we were just laughing, but after a while we were just looking at each other. It came as a joke.”
Olli Vänskä: “I wasn’t in the band at the time, so I wash my hands of this ridiculous naming.”
Jussi Wickström: “When we were thinking of naming the album, we were thinking, ‘Is it too much to call the album ‘Battle Metal’?'”
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