Albums Owned…

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Got bored and decided to make a list of every album in the house…

Total: 613; CD: 499; CD-R: 30; tape: 77; vinyl: 4; DVD: 3
Me total: 366; CD: 329; CD-R: 28; tape: 2; vinyl: 4; DVD: 3
Parents total: 184; CD: 109; CD-R: n/a; tape: 75; vinyl: unknown
Sister total: 63; CD: 61; CD-R: 2; tape: n/a; vinyl: n/a
~Last updated: November 16, 2014; 12:15am~
ToDo: recount totals, add links to blog posts.


.38 Special

  • 20th Century Masters: .38 Special (Me: CD)
  • Special Forces (Parents: tape)

3 Inches Of Blood



  • Back In Black (Me: CD; Parents: tape)
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap (Me: CD)
  • Live [Live] (Sister: CD)
  • The Razor’s Edge (Sister: CD)
  • Stiff Upper Lip (Me: CD)


  • A Compilation Of The Best Of Balls To The Wall & Restless & Wild (Sister: CD)
  • Balls To The Wall (Me: CD)

Adam Ant

  • Friend Or Foe (Parents: tape)


  • Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits (Parents: CD)
  • Big Ones (Me: CD)
  • Just Push Play (Sister: CD)
  • Toys In The Attic (Me: tape)

Air Supply

  • Greatest Hits (Parents: tape)

The Alan Parsons Project

  • I Robot (Parents: CD)

Aldo Nova

  • Aldo Nova (Parents: tape)


  • Captain Morgan’s Revenge (Me: CD)

Alice Cooper

  • Mascara & Monsters: The Best Of Alice Cooper (Me: CD)

Alice In Chains

  • Dirt (Me: CD)
  • Facelift (Me: CD)
  • Greatest Hits (Sister: CD)
  • Jar Of Flies (Me: CD)

All That Remains

  • Behind Silence And Solitude (Me: CD)
  • Overcome (Me: CD)

The Allman Brothers Band

  • Playlist Plus (Parents: CD)

Alter Bridge

  • Blackbird (Me: CD)
  • One Day Remains (Me: CD)

Amon Amarth

  • The Crusher (Me: CD)
  • Deceiver Of The Gods [Deluxe Edition] (Me: CD)
  • Fate Of Norns (Me: CD)
  • Surtur Rising (Me: CD)
  • Twilight Of The Thunder God [Deluxe Edition] (Me: CD)
  • With Oden On Our Side (Me: CD)

Amy Grant

  • Heart In Motion (Parents: CD)
  • House Of Love (Parents: CD)


  • Animotion (Parents: tape)


April Wine

  • Walking Through Fire (Parents: tape)
  • The Nature Of The Beast (Parents: tape)

Arch Enemy

  • Anthems Of Rebellion (Me: CD)
  • Doomsday Machine (Me: CD)
  • Wages Of Sin (Me: CD)
  • Rise Of The Tyrant (Me: CD)


  • Asia (Parents: tape)

Avenged Sevenfold

  • Avenged Sevenfold (Me: CD)
  • City Of Evil (Me: CD; Sister: CD-R)
  • Sounding The Seventh Trumpet (Me: CD)
  • Waking The Fallen (Me: CD)


The B-52’s

  • Wild Planet (Parents: tape)

Bad Company

  • Bad Company (Parents: CD)
  • Dangerous Age (Parents: CD, tape)
  • Here comes Trouble (Parents: CD)
  • Holy Water (Parents: CD; Sister: CD)
  • The Original Bad Company Anthology (Parents: CD)

Bad English

  • Bad English (Me: CD)


  • Badlands (Me: CD; Parents: CD)
  • Voodoo Highway (Parents: CD)

Billy Idol

  • Charmed Life (Parents: CD)

Billy Squier

  • Emotions In Motion (Parents: tape)

Black Sabbath

  • The Best Of Black Sabbath (Me: CD)
  • Dehumanizer (Me: CD)
  • Paranoid (Me: vinyl)

Black Tide

Blind Guardian

  • A Twist In The Myth (Me: CD)

Blue Öyster Cult

  • On Your Feet Or On Your Knees (Parents: tape)

Bon Jovi

  • Have A Nice Day (Sister: CD)
  • Lost Highway (Parents: CD)
  • Slippery When wet (Me: CD)


  • Boston (Parents: CD)
  • Don’t Look Back (Parents: tape)
  • Third Stage (Me: CD; Parents: tape)

Britny Fox

  • Extended Editions (Me: CD)

Bryan Adams

  • Cuts Like A Knife (Parents: tape)

Bullet For My Valentine

  • Hand Of Blood [Single] (Me: CD)
  • The Poison (Me: CD)
  • Scream Aim Fire (Me: CD)


  • BulletBoys (Me: CD)



  • Enter Deception (Me: CD)

Celine Dion

  • All The Way…A Decade Of Song (Parents: CD)
  • Falling Into You (Parents: CD)
  • Let’s Talk About Love (Parents: CD)


  • Tearstained (Me: CD-R)


  • The Greatest Hits (Parents: CD)


  • Chicago 16 (Parents: tape)
  • Chicago 17 (Parents: tape)

Children Of Bodom

  • Blooddrunk (Me: CD)
  • Follow The Reaper (Me: CD)
  • Hate Crew Deathroll (Me: CD)
  • Something Wild (Me: CD)


  • 20th Century Masters: Cinderella (Me: CD)
  • Long Cold Winter (Me: CD; Parents: tape)
  • Night Songs (Parents: CD)
  • Rocked, Wired, & Bluesed: The Greatest Hits (Sister: CD)


  • Coverdale/Page (Parents: CD)

Cradle Of Filth

  • Damnation And A Day (Me: CD)
  • Midian (Me: CD)
  • Nymphetamine (Me: CD)
  • Thornography (Me: CD)

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

  • So Far (Parents: CD)

The Cult

  • Electric (Me: CD)
  • Sonic Temple (Me: CD)

Cyndi Lauper

  • She’s So Unusual (Parents: tape)
  • True Colors (Parents: tape)


Damn Yankees

  • Damn Yankees (Me: CD; Parents: CD)
  • Don’t Tread (Parents: CD)

Danger Danger

  • Danger Danger (Me: CD)

Dangerous Toys

  • Dangerous Toys (Me: CD)

Dark Tranquillity

  • Fiction (Me: CD)

David Lee Roth

  • Skyscraper (Parents: CD)

Death Angel

  • The Dream Calls For Blood [Deluxe Edition] (Me: CD)

Debbie Gibson

  • Electric Youth (Parents: CD)
  • Out Of The Blue (Parents: CD, tape)

Def Leppard

  • Hysteria (Parents: CD)
  • Pyromania (Parents: tape x2)
  • Vault: Def Leppard’s Greatest Hits (Me: CD)

The Defiled

  • Grave Times (Me: CD)

Demons & Wizards

  • Touched By The Crimson King (Me: CD)


Dimmu Borgir

  • Stormblåst MMV (Me: CD)


  • The Very Beast Of Dio (Me: CD)
  • Lock Up The wolves (Me: CD)

Disarmonia Mundi

  • Fragments Of D-Generation (Me: CD-R)
  • Mind Tricks (Me: CD-R)
  • Nebularium (Me: CD-R)

Dixie Chicks

  • Top Of The World Tour [Live] (Parents: CD)


  • Back For The Attack (Me: CD)
  • Tooth And Nail (Me: CD-R)
  • Under Lock And Key (Parents: CD, tape)
  • The Very Best Of (Sister: CD)

Don Henley

  • The End Of The Innocence (Parents: CD)

Donna Lewis

  • Now. In A Minute (Parents: CD)


  • Nola (Me: CD)


  • Inhuman Ranpage (Sister: CD)
  • Sonic Firestorm (Sister: CD)
  • Ultra Beatdown (Sister: CD)
  • Valley Of The Damned (Sister: CD)

Dream Evil

  • The Book Of Heavy Metal (Me: CD)
  • Evilized (Me: CD)
  • United (Me: CD)

Dream Theater

  • Images And Words (Me: CD)



  • Their Greatest Hits (Parents: CD)
  • Greatest Hits, Volume 2 (Parents: CD)
  • Hell Freezes Over (Parents: CD)

Eddie Murphy

  • Eddie Murphy (Parents: tape)
  • Eddie Murphy: Comedian (Parents: tape)


  • Slania (Me: CD)

En Vogue

  • Funky Divas (Parents: CD)


  • Ensiferum (Me: CD)

Eric Clapton

  • Timepieces: The Best Of Eric Clapton (Parents: CD)


  • Super Hits (Me: CD)


  • Fallen (Sister: CD)
  • The Open Door (Sister: CD)



Faith Hill

  • Breathe (Parents: CD)
  • Cry (Parents: CD)

Faster Pussycat

  • Wake Me When It’s Over (Sister: CD)


  • Allegiance (Me: CD)
  • The Premonition (Me: CD)

The Firm

  • The Firm (Parents: tape)


  • Flyleaf (Sister: CD)


  • Inside Information (Parents: CD)
  • Records (Parents: tape)

Frank Caliendo

Freedom Call

  • Dimensions (Me: CD)


Gama Bomb

  • Tales From The Grave In Space (Me: CD)

Gamma Ray

  • Insanity & Genious (Me: CD)
  • Land Of The Free II (Me: CD)
  • No World Order (Me: CD)


  • Genesis (Parents: tape)

George Carlin

  • A Place For My Stuff! (Parents: tape)
  • Complaints And Grievances (Me: CD)
  • You Are All Diseased (Me: CD)


  • Awake (Me: CD)
  • faceless (Sister: CD)

Great White

  • …Twice Shy (Me: CD; Parents: CD)
  • Latest & Greatest (Me: CD)
  • Once Bitten (Parents: tape)
  • Recovery: Live + On Your Knees (Sister: CD)
  • Shot In The Dark (Parents: tape)

Guns N’ Roses

  • Appetite For Destruction (Me: CD; Parents: CD)
  • Greatest Hits (Sister: CD)
  • The Spaghetti Incident (Sister: CD)
  • Use Your Illusion I (Sister: CD)
  • Use Your Illusion II (Sister: CD)



  • Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken (Me: CD)
  • Crimson Thunder (Me: CD)


  • Heart (Parents: tape)


  • Long Way To Heaven (Parents: tape)


  • Better Than Raw [Expanded Edition] (Me: CD)
  • Gambling With The Devil (Me: CD)
  • Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part I [Expanded Edition] (Me: CD)
  • Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part II [Expanded Edition] (Me: CD)
  • Keeper Of The Seven Keys, The Legacy (Me: CD)
  • Master Of The Rings [Expanded Edition] (Me: CD)
  • The Time Of The Oath [Expanded Edition] (Me: CD)
  • Treasure Chest (Sister: CD)
  • Walls Of Jericho [Expanded Edition] (Me: CD)


  • Hellyeah (Me: CD)


Iced Earth

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes (Me: CD)
  • Tribute To The Gods (Me: CD)

In Flames

  • A Sense Of Purpose (Me: CD)
  • Clayman (Me: CD)
  • Colony (Me: CD)
  • The Jester Race/Black-Ash Inheritance (Me: CD)
  • Reroute To Remain (Me: CD)
  • Sounds Of A Playground Fading (Me: CD)
  • Soundtrack To Your Escape (Me: CD)
  • Subterranean (Me: CD)
  • Whoracle (Me: CD)


  • Above The Weeping World (Me: CD-R)
  • In The Halls Of Waiting (Me: CD-R)
  • Since The Day It All Came Down (Me: CD-R)

Into Eternity

  • Buried In Oblivion (Me: CD-R)
  • Dead Of Dreaming (Me: CD-R)
  • The Incurable Tragedy (Me: CD-R)
  • Into Eternity (Me: CD-R)
  • The Scattering Of Ashes (Me: CD-R)

Iron Maiden

  • A Matter Of Life And Death (Me: CD)
  • Brave New World (Me: CD)
  • Dance Of Death (Me: CD)
  • Edward The Great (Sister: CD)
  • The Essential (Sister: CD)
  • Fear Of The Dark (Me: CD)
  • Iron Maiden (Me: CD)
  • Killers (Me: CD)
  • Live After Death [Live] (Me: CD)
  • No Prayer For The Dying (Me: CD)
  • The Number Of The Beast (Me: CD)
  • Piece Of Mind (Me: CD)
  • Powerslave (Me: CD, vinyl)
  • Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (Me: CD)
  • Somewhere In Time (Me: CD, vinyl)
  • Virtual XI (Me: CD)
  • The X-Factor (Me: CD)



  • 20th Century Masters: Jackyl (Me: CD)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

  • Smash Hits (Me: CD)

Jimmy Buffet

  • Pitcher Perfect (Parents: CD)

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant

  • No Quarter (Parents: CD)

Joe Walsh

  • The Confessor (Parents: tape)

John Parr

  • John Parr (Parents: tape)

Jon Secada

  • Jon Secada (Parents: CD)
  • Heart Soul & A Voice (Parents: CD)


  • Escape (Parents: tape x2)
  • Frontiers (Parents: tape)
  • Greatest Hits (Parents: CD)

Judas Priest

  • British Steel (Sister: CD)
  • British Steel [Remastered] (Me: CD)
  • Defenders Of The Faith [Remastered] (Me: CD)
  • Point Of Entry [Remastered] (Me: CD)
  • Screaming For Vengeance [Remastered] (Me: CD)


  • Junkyard (Me: CD)



  • Epica (Me: CD)


  • The Best Of Kansas (Me: CD)

Kenny G

  • Duotones (Parents: CD)

Killswitch Engage

  • Alive Or Just Breathing (Me: CD)
  • As Daylight Dies (Me: CD)
  • Disarm The Descent [Special Edition] (Me: CD)
  • The End Of Heartache (Me: CD)
  • Killswitch Engage (Me: CD)

King Diamond

  • “Them”/Conspiracy (Me: CD)


  • Animalize (Parents: tape)
  • Smashes, Thrashes & Hits (Me: CD)


The Kris Norris Projekt

  • Icons Of The Illogical (Me: CD-R)


  • Headhunter (Me: CD)
  • Headhunter Blitz (Me: CD)


L.A. Guns

  • 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection (Sister: CD)
  • Cocked & Loaded (Sister: CD)
  • L.A. Guns (Me: CD)

Lamb Of God

  • Redneck [Single] (Me: CD)

Laura Branigan

  • Branigan (Parents: tape)
  • Branigan 2 (Parents: tape)

Leann Rimes

  • Twisted Angel (Parents: CD)

Led Zeppelin

  • Led Zeppelin (Me: CD; Parents: tape)
  • Led Zeppelin II (Parents: tape)
  • Led Zeppelin IV (Me: CD; Parents: tape)
  • Early Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin, Volume One (Me: CD)
  • Latter Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin, volume Two (Me: CD)
  • Physical Graffiti (Me: CD)
  • The Song Remains The Same, Part One (Parents: tape)
  • The Song Remains The Same, Part Two (Parents: tape)

Lita Ford

  • Greatest Hits (Sister: CD)

Liz Phair

  • Liz Phair (Parents: CD)


  • Blackout In The Red Room (Me: CD)


  • Get Lucky (Parents: tape)
  • Keep It Up (Parents: tape x2)

Lynch Mob

  • Wicked Sensation (Me: CD)

Lynyrd Skynyrd

  • 3CD Playlist Plus (Parents: CD)
  • Skyrnyrds Innyrds (Parents: CD)



  • Madonna (Parents: tape)


  • Warriors Of The World (Me: CD)


  • Blood Mountain [Promo] (Me: CD)
  • Leviathan (Me: CD)


  • MK II (Me: CD)


  • The Craving (Me: CD)


  • Countdown To Extinction (Me: CD)
  • Countdown To Extinction [Remastered] (Me: CD)
  • Cryptic Writings [Remastered] (Me: CD)
  • Endgame (Me: CD)
  • Greatest Hits: Back To The Start (Sister: CD)
  • Hidden Treasures (Me: CD)
  • Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good! [Remastered] (Me: CD)
  • Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying [Remastered] (Me: CD)
  • Risk [Remastered] (Me: CD)
  • Rust In Peace (Me: CD)
  • Rust In Peace [Remastered] (Me: CD)
  • So Far, So Good…So What! (Me: CD)
  • So Far, So Good…So What? [Remastered] (Me: CD)
  • The System Has Failed (Me: CD)
  • Th1rt3en (Me: CD)
  • United Abominations (Me: CD)
  • The World Needs A Hero (Me: CD)
  • Youthanasia [Remastered] (Me: CD)

Men Without Hats

  • Rhythm Of Youth (Parents: tape)


  • 11 Dreams (Me: CD-R)
  • Architect Of Lies (Me: CD-R)
  • Everblack (Me: CD-R)
  • First Breath (Me: CD-R)
  • The Hours That Remain (Me: CD-R)

Metal Church

  • A Light In The Dark (Me: CD)
  • Blessing In Disguise (Me: CD)
  • Metal Church (Me: CD)


  • …And Justice For All (Me: CD)
  • Garage Inc. (Me: CD)
  • Kill ‘Em All (Me: CD)
  • Load (Me: CD)
  • Master Of Puppets (Me: CD)
  • Metallica (Me: CD-R)
  • Reload (Me: CD)
  • Ride The Lightning (Me: CD)

Mors Principium Est

  • Liberation = Termination (Me: CD-R)
  • The Unborn (Me: CD-R)

Mötley Crüe

  • 20th Century Masters: Mötley Crüe (Me: CD)
  • Decade Of Decadence (Sister: CD)
  • Dr. Feelgood (Parents: CD)
  • Girls, Girls, Girls (Parents: CD)
  • Greatest Hits (Sister: CD)
  • Shout At The Devil [Crücial Crüe] (Me: CD)
  • Theatre Of Pain [Crücial Crüe] (Me: CD)
  • Too Fast For Love [Crücial Crüe] (Me: CD)


  • No Remorse (Me: vinyl)


  • Lost And Found (Me: CD)


  • myGRAIN (Me: CD-R)
  • Orbital Dance (Me: CD-R)
  • Signs Of Existence (Me: CD-R)

Mystic Prophecy

  • Satanic Curses (Me: CD)



  • This Godless Self Endeavor (Me: CD)

Night Ranger

  • 7 Wishes (Parents: tape)
  • Midnight Madness (Parents: CD)


  • In Utero (Me: CD)
  • Incesticide (Me: CD)

Nocturnal Rites

  • The 8th Sin (Me: CD)
  • Grand Illusion (Me: CD)


The Offspring

  • Greatest Hits (Sister: CD)


  • Horrorscope (Me: CD)
  • ReliXIV (Me: CD)

Ozzy Osbourne

  • The Essential (Sister: CD)
  • No More Tears (Sister: CD)
  • The Ozzman Cometh (Me: CD)
  • Randy Rhoads Tribute (Me: CD)
  • Under Cover (Sister: CD)



  • The Best Of Pantera: Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys’ Vulgar Hits! (Sister: CD)
  • Cowboys From Hell (Me: CD)
  • Far Beyond Driven (Me: CD)
  • The Great Southern Trendkill (Me: CD)
  • Reinventing The Steel (Me: CD)
  • Vulgar Display Of Power (Me: CD)

Pat Benatar

  • Best Shots (Parents: CD)

Paula Abdul

  • Forever Your Girl (Parents: CD, tape)

Pearl Jam

  • Ten (Me: CD)

Pink Floyd

  • Dark Side Of The Moon (Me: CD)
  • Pulse [Live] (Parents: CD)
  • The Wall (Me: CD)


  • Open And Say…Ahh! (Parents: CD, tape)
  • Poison’s Greatest Hits [1986-1996] (Sister: CD)

The Police

  • Synchronicity (Parents: tape)

Primal Fear

  • Devil’s Ground (Me: CD)
  • New Religion (Me: CD)
  • Seven Seals (Me: CD)



  • Take Another Picture (Parents: tape)


  • Classic Queen (Me: CD)
  • Greatest Hits (Me: CD)


  • Empire (Parents: CD)
  • Operation: Mindcrime (Me: CD; Sister: CD)

Quiet Riot

  • Greatest Hits (Me: CD)
  • Metal Health (Parents: tape)



  • Somebody’s Watching Me (Parents: tape)

Rascal Flatts

  • Feels Like Today (Parents: CD)
  • Melt (Parents: CD)


  • Detonator (Me: CD)
  • Ratt & Roll 8191 (Parents: CD)

Rhapsody Of Fire

  • Triumph Or Agony (Me: CD)

Rise To Remain

  • Bridges Will Burn [EP] (Me: CD)

Robert Plant

  • Fate Of Nations (Parents: CD)
  • Manic Nirvana (Parents: CD)
  • Now And Zen (Parents: CD)
  • The Principle Of Moments (Parents: CD)


  • Look Sharp! (Parents: CD)


  • Moving Pictures (Me: CD)
  • The Spirity Of Radio: Greatest Hits [1974-1987] (Me: CD)


Sam Kinison

  • Have You Seen Me Lately? (Me: CD)
  • Leader Of The Banned (Me: CD)
  • Live From Hell (Me: CD)

Sammy Hagar

  • Three Lock Box (Sister: CD)
  • Unboxed (Parents: CD)
  • VOA (Parents: tape)


  • Now, Diabolical (Me: CD)


  • Dead Winter Dead (Me: CD)
  • Dungeons Are Calling (Me: CD)
  • Gutter Ballet (Me: CD)
  • Hall Of The Mountain King (Me: CD)

Scar Symmetry

  • Holographic Universe (Me: CD-R)
  • Pitch Black Progress (Me: CD-R)
  • Symmetric In Design (Me: CD-R)


  • Best Of Rockers ‘N’ Ballads (Me: CD; Parents: CD; Sister: CD)
  • Crazy World (Sister: CD)
  • Gold (Me: CD)
  • Love At First Sting (Parents: tape)


  • Dead Embryonic Cells [Single] (Me: CD)

Shadows Fall

  • The Art Of Balance (Me: CD)
  • Threads Of Life (Me: CD)

Shania Twain

  • Come On Over (Parents: CD)


  • Do You Wanna Get Away (Parents: tape)
  • Let The Music Play (Parents: tape)

Sheena Easton

  • Best Kept Secret (Parents: tape)


  • Suicide By My Side (Me: CD)


  • The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack (Sister: CD)

Skid Row

  • Revolutions Per Minute (Sister: CD)
  • Skid Row (Me: CD; Parents: CD)
  • Slave To The Grind (Parents: CD)


  • Mass Slaughter: The Best Of Slaughter (Sister: CD)


  • Reign In Blood (Me: CD)
  • Seasons In The Abyss (Me: CD)
  • South Of Heaven (Me: CD)


  • The Final Sign Of Evil (Me: CD)

Sonata Arctica

  • Unia (Me: CD)


  • Sondura [Album Sampler] (Me: CD)


  • Badmotorfinger (Sister: CD)
  • Louder Than Love (Sister: CD)
  • Superunknown (Sister: CD)

Spread Eagle


  • Steelheart (Parents: CD)
  • Tangled In Reigns (Parents: CD)

Steely Dan

  • A Decade Of Steely Dan (Parents: CD)
  • Can’t Buy A Thrill (Parents: CD)

Stephen Lynch

  • A Little Bit Special (Me: CD)
  • The Craig Machine (Me: CD)
  • Superhero (Me: CD)

Steve Miller Band

  • Young Hearts: Complete Greatest Hits (Parents: CD)

Steve Stevens

  • Atomic Playboys (Sister: CD)

Stevie Nicks

  • The Wild Heart (Parents: tape)

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble

  • The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble (Parents: CD)

Stone Temple Pilots

  • Core (Me: CD)


  • Episode (Me: CD)


  • Classics, Volume 15 (Parents: CD)
  • Paradise Theatre (Parents: tape)

Suicidal Tendencies

  • 13 (Me: CD)


  • Vital Signs (Parents: tape)

Symphony X

  • The Odyssey (Me: CD)

System Of A Down

  • Toxicity (Me: CD)


Ted Nugent

  • Great Gonzos The Best Of Ted Nugent (Parents: CD)

Temple Of The Dog

  • Temple Of The Dog (Sister: CD)


  • Bust A Nut (Parents: CD)
  • The Great Radio Controversy (Parents: CD)
  • Mechanical Resonance (Sister: CD; Parents: CD, tape)
  • Psychotic Supper (Parents: CD)


  • Dark Roots Of Earth (Me: CD)
  • The Legacy (Me: CD)
  • The New Order (Me: CD)
  • Practice What You Preach (Me: CD)
  • The Ritual (Me: CD)
  • Souls Of Black (Me: CD; Sister: CD)


  • Tiffany (Parents: CD, tape)

‘Til Tuesday

  • Voices Carry (Parents: tape)

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

  • The Live Anthology (Parents: CD)


  • IV (Parents: tape)


  • Ascendancy (Me: CD)
  • The Crusade (Me: CD; Sister: CD-R)
  • Ember To Inferno (Me: CD)
  • In Waves (Me: CD)
  • Shogun (Me: CD)
  • Vengeance Falls (Me: CD)

Twisted Sister

  • We’re Not Gonna Take It & Other Hits (Me: CD)



  • The Joshua Tree (Parents: CD)

Ugly Kid Joe

  • America’s Least Wanted (Me: CD)


Van Halen

  • 1984 (Parents: CD)
  • 5150 (Parents: CD)
  • Best Of, Volume I (Me: CD, tape)
  • For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (Parents: CD)
  • OU812 (Parents: CD; Sister: CD)
  • Van Halen (Parents: CD; Sister: CD)
  • Van Halen Live: Right Here, Right Now (Sister: CD)
  • Women And Children First (Me: CD)


  • Vixen (Parents: CD)



  • The Headless Children/Inside The Electic Circus (Me: CD)
  • The Neon God, Part 2: The Demise (Sister: CD)
  • The Sting/Heldorado (Me: CD)


  • The Best Of Warrant (Sister: CD)
  • Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich (Sister: CD)
  • Dog Eat Dog (Sister: CD)


  • 20th Century Masters: Whitesnake (Me: CD)
  • Slide It In (Parents: CD)
  • Slip Of THe Tongue (Parents: CD)
  • Whitesnake (Parents: CD, tape; Sister: CD)

The Who

  • The Ultimate Collection (Me: CD)

Wilson Phillips

  • Wilson Phillips (Parents: CD)


  • Winger (Parents: CD)
  • In The Heart Of The Young (Parents: CD)

Wynton Marsalis

  • The London Concert (Parents: CD)


  • n/a


Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force

  • Attack!! (Me: CD)
  • Odyssey (Me: CD)
  • Rising Force (Me: CD)
  • Unleash The Fury (Me: CD)
  • War To End All Wars (Me: CD)


Rob Zombie

  • Hellbilly Deluxe (Me: CD)

ZZ Top

  • Eliminator (Parents: tape)
  • Greatest Hits (Me: CD)

Various Artists:

  • The 35th Anniversary Of Mustang: Reborn To Run (Parents: CD)
  • The Bevis And Butt Head Expperience (Parents: CD)
  • Cars Soundtrack (Parents: CD)
  • Dirty Dancing Soundtrack (Parents: CD)
  • Hard + Heavy (Sister: CD)
  • Heavy Metal Soundtrack (Parents: tape)
  • Jägermeister Musictour 2005 (Me: CD)
  • Last Action Hero: Music From The Original Motion Picture (Parents: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #171 (10/07) – Razor (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #173 (12/07) – Must Have Metal 2007 (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #174 (01/08) – Incoming! 2008 (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #175 (02/08) – Battle Metal VI (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #175 (02/08) – The Final Resistance (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #177 (04/08) – Thrash Invasion (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #178 (05/08) – Defenders Of The Faith (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #180 (07/08) – Razor (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #181 (08/08) – Golden Gods 2008 (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #181 (08/08) – Metal Blade Los Angeles (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #182 (Summer 2008) – Bloodstock ’08 (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #185 (11/08) – Razor (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #186 (12/08) – Battle Metal VII (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #188 (02/09) – Razor (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #188 (02/09) – Brutalism 101 (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #189 (03/09) – Razor: Defenders Of The Faith II (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #190 (04/09) – NWOTM (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #191 (05/09) – Razor (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #193 (07/09) – Battle Metal VIII (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #194 (08/09) – Razor: The Heavy Hitters (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #196 (09/09) – Razor: The Sharpest Riffs Known To Man (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #197 (10/09) – Razor: The Sharpest Riffs Known To Man II (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #198 (11/09) – Razor: The Hottest Metal Known To Man (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #199 (12/09) – Razor: The Sharpest Riffs Known To Man III (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #200 (01/10) – Getcha Pull: A Tribute To Dimebag Darrell (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #201 (02/10) – The 2010 Hot List (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #202 (03/10) – Razor: The Sharpest Riffs Known To Man IV (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #203 (04/10) – Planet Metal: Riffs From Around The World (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #204 (05/10) – Razor: The Sharpest Riffs Known To Man V (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #205 (06/10) – The Metal Forge, Volume One: A Tribute To Judas Priest (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #206 (07/10) – The Metal Forge, Volume Two: A Tribute To AC/DC (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #207 (08/10) – The New British Empire (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #209 (09/10) – The Metal Forge, Volume Three: A Tribute To Black Sabbath (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #210 (10/10) – Necrolust (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #212 (12/10) – Heavy Metal Razor (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #213 (01/11) – Razor (Me: CD)
  • Metal Hammer #214 (02/11) – Up To 11 (Me: CD)
  • Songs Of The Hawaiian Islands (Parents: CD)
  • Terrorizer #163 (11/07) – Fear Candy 47 (Me: CD)
  • This Is 80’s Hair Metal (Sister: CD)
  • A Very Special Christmas (Parents: CD)
  • WDIZ Rock 100 FM Classics, Volume 1 (Parents: CD)
  • Winter 2005 Sampler (Me: CD)

Video Game Soundtracks:

  • Diablo III (Me: CD)
  • StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty (Me: CD)
  • StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm (Me: CD)
  • World Of WarCraft: Cataclysm (Me: CD)
  • World Of WarCraft: Mists Of Pandaria (Me: CD)
  • World Of WarCraft: Warlords Of Draenor (Me: CD)

Live Video:

Iced Earth

  • Alive In Athens (Me: DVD)

Iron Maiden

  • Visions Of The Beast (Me: DVD)

Pink Floyd

  • Pulse (Me: DVD)

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