I’m Baaacck…

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wow… I’ve been away for a while. First of all, that concert I wrote about last post was amazing – Overkill puts on one hell of a show. Met most of the band after the show too… and got everyone’s autograph on their set-list (courtesy of the drum tech as he was putting away the bass). Missing Dave Linsk’s because he wouldn’t come back out of the bus, but I wasn’t really looking to even get anyone else to sign anything. Guess I’ll go in reverse order from here (if I remember it correctly). Forbidden, I was sort of looking forward to since I knew they had been on hiatus for a while, but I hadn’t really heard much of their stuff prior to the concert. You could tell they hadn’t toured in a while, but they were great, nonetheless. I met their drummer after the show too. He asked if I had any of their albums. I told him I did, but didn’t own them… yet – but I planned on buying most of what I download (which is, honestly, what I plan on doing, eventually). Of course, he wasn’t too happy about that, but he wasn’t a dick about it like some people I know – just told me the next time he saw me, I better have at least one Forbidden album. Evile was way better than I expected live. I was hanging around some older guys (probably mid-40s) who were mainly just there to see Overkill – they kept complimenting Evile’s guitarists. Gamma Bomb seemed to be a surprise to a lot of the audience – every time the singer would hit one of his high notes, people would look up with an amazed look on their face. I kind of expected more of Bonded By Blood – being named after an Exodus album, I’d think better. One thing I have to say about them is the singer does sound a lot like the albums in a live setting. That’s about it for the concert. I got trashed near the end (only drank during Overkill) and ended up having to wait there before I could drive home – which is actually the only reason I had the change to meet the bands. Gotta love small venues… every concert I’ve gone to at Firestone has led to me meeting bands.
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Fuuccckkkk!!!!! And a Concert!

October 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s been a while, eh? Not much to say this morning, but whatever…
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