Metal Hammer January 2008 – Spanish Inquisition

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Will the new Metallica album suck big time?

-Dave, email
Brian Fair: “Well, you know I still have faith in Metallica. I’m like that girlfriend that keeps going back to the guy who beats her. You keep psyching yourself up, like, ‘He’s gonna change…!’ And then, ‘Boom!’ you get a smack in the face. But I’m still carrying the flame for them.”
Matt Pachand: “The Black album took me a while to get into, but now in retrospect it’s so much better than everything else that happened so I still love it. And it’s still the case that when you see them live, they’re kings. It’s still amazing. Just not in the studio.”
Hammer: “Would you agree with the statement that Metallica have made more bad albums than good ones?”
Brian: “Well, I guess ‘Re-Load’ isn’t really an album so that may throw it…”
Matt: “It was ‘Un-Load’. With ‘St. Anger’ I thought it just didn’t have the riffs.”
Brian: “It was no ‘Cliff ‘Em All’! And getting your therapist to write lyrics is definitely not a good idea.”
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