Metal Hammer February 2008 – Spanish Inquisition

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You’ve used a lot of 80s-style guitar techniques on your new album ‘Lead Sails Paper Anchor’. Which bands from the 80s were you heavily influenced by?

-Half Man Half Biscuit, myspace
Alex Varkatuzas: “I liked Culture Club, Boy George, Duran Duran, and Flock Of Seagulls. Next question.”
Dan Jacobs: “I liked Wham.”
Brandon Saller: “Nah, my favorite was Huey Lewis. And The News.”
Dan: “No, not The News. Fuck The News. The News only brought Huey down, man.”
Hammer: “Do you like men who dress as women?”
Alex: “Boy George is a man?!”
Dan: “I thought it was a woman dressed as a man.”
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Metal Hammer January 2008 – Spanish Inquisition

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Will the new Metallica album suck big time?

-Dave, email
Brian Fair: “Well, you know I still have faith in Metallica. I’m like that girlfriend that keeps going back to the guy who beats her. You keep psyching yourself up, like, ‘He’s gonna change…!’ And then, ‘Boom!’ you get a smack in the face. But I’m still carrying the flame for them.”
Matt Pachand: “The Black album took me a while to get into, but now in retrospect it’s so much better than everything else that happened so I still love it. And it’s still the case that when you see them live, they’re kings. It’s still amazing. Just not in the studio.”
Hammer: “Would you agree with the statement that Metallica have made more bad albums than good ones?”
Brian: “Well, I guess ‘Re-Load’ isn’t really an album so that may throw it…”
Matt: “It was ‘Un-Load’. With ‘St. Anger’ I thought it just didn’t have the riffs.”
Brian: “It was no ‘Cliff ‘Em All’! And getting your therapist to write lyrics is definitely not a good idea.”
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Metal Hammer December 2007 – Spanish Inquisition

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What proportion of fights do you win?

-Adam, myspace
Bloody Kev: “It’s pretty good really.”
‘Big’ John Loughlin: “Yeah, I’d say about 95 per cent.”
Jay Thompson: “I’ve actually not been in that many fights.”
John: “I did go a bit Vinnie Jones on a six-foot three-inch Belgian Nazi once. I had his head and I was slamming the can door on it. But you know Nazis. Fuck ’em. They get what’s coming to ’em.”
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Metal Hammer November 2007 – Spanish Inquisition

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How did you guys get involved in metal and the whole battle theme?

-Maurice, email
Warlord Nygård: “I don’t know about metal, but I think a lot of us go back to Queen for rock, because of all the big theatrics. So I think that was our way into heavier music and metal. I think ‘Innuendo’ was the first Queen album I heard. As for the war theme, what we started out with was more based on folklore and then we blended in more epic things into that. Even on our first demo we had this track which translates as ‘The Battle Path.’ that was a concept song about the 30 Years War in the 17th Century, and I was reading about that period of time in historical novels. The Finnish cavalry had an important role in that. Of course now we’re dealing with themes that are rather older than the 17th Century. We had a demo song called ‘The Heart If Turisas’ which we wanted to remake for the debut, and obviously the song now goes, ‘Battle! Battle! Metal!’ and then somebody shouted, ‘Battle Metal!’ and we were just laughing, but after a while we were just looking at each other. It came as a joke.”
Olli Vänskä: “I wasn’t in the band at the time, so I wash my hands of this ridiculous naming.”
Jussi Wickström: “When we were thinking of naming the album, we were thinking, ‘Is it too much to call the album ‘Battle Metal’?'”
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Metal Hammer October 2007 – Spanish Inquisition

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Do you hate internet users? Sometimes it sounds like you do.

-Ben, myspace
Anders Fridén: “What have I said? What have I done now? I don’t know what I’m supposed to have done but… So, no.”
Björn Gelotte: “I think all bands have some trouble with this. If you go on to a site like Blabbermouth you can see it happens to any band and everyone will be like, ‘Fuck this! Fuck that! Fuck the other!” I don’t know why they do it but it’s so easy to be that aggressive when you’re hiding behind a computer and you don’t have to show your face or reveal your name.”
Anders: “If a 13-year-old wants to slag us off I don’t really care. It’s good you know. I’d sooner have someone talking shit about us than not talking about us at all. I think it’s good. We look at some of these boards and we have a really good laugh about it. There are people who think they know us and think they know how we should live out lives.”
Björn: “We’ve really benefited from the internet. We’ve not done MySpace yet, but we will. We were one of the first ever bands to have a web page. Our address was about six foot long. We put it on our T-shirts but we made a mistake so people couldn’t find it. But it’s a great way of communicating with fans.”
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Metal Hammer September 2007 – Spanish Inquisition

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Your music is really aggressive and heavy. Are you that brutal in real life?

-Jack, email
Randy Blythe: “Yes!”
John Campbell: “Well you know what? Real life is brutal. Watch March Of The Penguins. It’s a documentary about the brutal life of these penguins and what they go through to reproduce.”
Randy: “We base our music off of that. Off the penguin’s lives.”
Hammer: “So you’re like… penguins.”
John: “Yeah! It’s basically just a beautiful story of brutality. I admire the penguins.”
Hammer: “So did you watch that on tour?”
Chris Adler: “Yeah we just throw it on whenever it’s time to get brutal.”
Randy: “Or we just do stuff like that awesome photoshoot we just did. Your photographer didn’t tell us the battery we were posing with was live!”
Chris: “Randy went to touch the jumper cables connected to the battery together and he was like ‘you might not want to do that!’ It’s like ‘are you fucking kidding me? This thing is live?'”
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